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Aug 6, 2010

The last time Brett Wiscons was on the show, he was lead singer of a popular local band who had written a few songs and recorded them on their first EP, which was due to arrive in grand spectacle the following week; I was a newbie podcaster, recently divorced, and just re-learning out how the whole "dating thing" worked. This time, a mere three and a half years later, Brett is a full-time musician and songwriter who has written a lot of songs, the best of which were hand-picked to be on his first solo release, Close My Eyes; I am a veteran podcaster, remarried, with my first born due to arrive in grand spectacle the following week. This also explains why this interview is three months old, arriving after the hiatus I mention, instead of before it -- but, enough of that sentimental, personal stuff.

The point of all that was how much things can change in a mere three and a half years. While I loved the Great Scott! EP, Close My Eyes takes Brett's singing as well as his songwriting into a slightly different, more-sophisticated area, but not so far away that fans of his earlier work will feel at all alienated. While the entire album is somewhat low-key and laid-back (sorry, no big rockers or fast-movers on this one), Brett explores different ways of presenting the material and delivery with a surprisingly diverse set of six tracks, each showcasing their own particular strength. Whether it's the powerful vocal delivery of the title track, the emotion-filled wails of Love Lightly, the sophisticated lyrics of Her Life, or the slow drive and easy swing of Help Myself, this is a very accessible work that showcases a great singer/songwriter and should please almost any fan of laid-back music and introspective lyrics.

  • Brett Wiscons can be found here (Myspace | Facebook | Twitter)
  • Brett can first be heard with Great Scott! (Myspace | Facebook) back on Show #010
  • He also plays in The Michaels (MySpace | Facebook) with John Shoulders (also of Great Scott! as of late)
  • This show was recorded at Birdy's on the night of Brett's first appearance at Troubadore Tuesdays
  • His first solo CD, Close My Eyes, now available via usual suspects (Amazon, iTunes, DigStation, Napster, CD Baby)
  • It was recorded at Repo Studios, produced/engineered by Ryan Powell, and distributed via Disc Makers.
  • The article we referenced about how hard it is to make minimum wage as a recording artist can be found here.