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Jan 4, 2010

Apologies for the late delivery of this episode, but it's been quite a busy month aroud the ol' barn here. In addition to the usual holiday mess, we've endured lay-off's, day-job changes, and the launch of our first Podcast Battle of the Bands, which turned out to be a moderate success (despite my lofty ambitions tempered by a cynical outlook on pretty much everything), so it's reasonable to assume that we'll be doing it again next year. In all 21 artists (both old friends of the show as well as some new faces) submitted 46 songs to be both voted on by fans at large and judged by local music scene insiders. Look for some fun stuff to be coming up throughout the month with regards to that project.

But, I digress...

Tonight's interview is with Gypsy Revival, a band with an incredible range of styles and influences ranging from straight blues to folk to southern rock and venturing almost every place in between. Even better though, they're a witty, knowledgeable group of guys who have great stories behind all of their songs. (We call this "Podcast-Friendly" in my line of work, and it's not always as easy to come-by as you might think.) The interview itself was recorded in a somewhat busy bar and grill in downtown Carmel, so there is quite a bit of background noise, but hopefully this will not detract from your enjoyment.

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