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Aug 31, 2009

The cool thing about doing Indy In-Tune is that the mood and tone of the shows is as diverse as the music we feature.  Thus, after doing three somewhat serious singer-songwriter shows in a row, it's nice to have fun, crazy band-centric one that just completely falls apart on you.  My advice, take a couple of Tylenol because separating the voices talking over each other, making sense of the semi-obscure in-jokes, and just generally following the weird flow of conversation is bound to give you a migraine.   Imagine spending four horus trying to censor it down so that it was only offensive to 49% of the listeners.  

By the way ... adult content warning ... the easily-offended should probably go back and listen to shows 48-50 again.

On the other hand, if you're already a fan of Civilian, then you know how much fun these guys can be and are no doubt already looking forward to Episode #1 of "The Blake Show" coming later this fall.  Despite what probably sounded like me calling him out in the middle of the episode, I do love the guy to death.  Problem is, the tear-filled eyes I had from laughing so hard and the big grin on my face didn't come off on mic.

This is the first of a series of shows recorded at the 8 Seconds Rock Battle, where quite-frankly we were already somewhat overwhelmed by the hospitality afforded us as co-sponsors, not to mention the sheer debauchery of hanging out in the green room at a rock battle of the bands.  I've never been to an after-show hotel party hosted by Led Zeppelin, but this was probably as close as I'll ever get in my lifetime.

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