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Jul 26, 2009

It may be a cliche, but it's certainly no exaggeration when I say that we've got a fantastic show for you this week.  Not only do we have six great tracks from The World Famous Scraps, but also a great interview that is both witty and intelligent.  How often does that happen simultaneously around here?  Top that off with our favorite co-host, the inimitable Jenn Cristy -- just to add a little sizzle to the show -- and you've got a recipe for an hour of auditory bliss. 

The World Famous Scraps (aka: The Scraps ... formerly known as The Binkleys ... occasionally known as Odang) are a three-piece punk/rock/indie band from Bloomington in the fine tradition of anti-establishment, anti-corporate, observational-based lyrics played against an angry tongue-in-cheek barrage of power cords and up-tempo drum bashing.  The interview, recorded at the IU Student Union in Bloomington, covers everything from their political and environmental views, to crazy road stories, studio nightmares, roller derby, and a few interesting little personal tidbits that you may find entertaining.  

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