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Jun 30, 2009

Every once in a while you've just got to change it up.  One of the hardest things about doing this show, particularly when you're doing three and four shows a week as I was doing when this interview was recorded, is that you run the risk of losing your own energy, which then transfers down to the guests and subsequently the interview.  Fortunately, Pres Maxson seems to have energy in abundance, and it was he who largely led the "off-the-wall" mood of this week's show.  I just happily followed along.
Pres is a recent immigrant to Indiana, coming to us -- like Upshot and Finer before him -- from the bustling L.A. music scene.  I've never really been to any venues in L.A., but if it's anything like those three groups describe, I'll just be glad I'm in Indiana.  L.A. did, however, apparently give him a change to hone and refine his sense of humor and flair for showmanship, as evidenced by his music and this interview.   Look for Pres to hopefully return in the future in the guest-host role if I have anything to say about it.

Links referenced in the show:             

  • Pres Maxson can be found here: MySpace.  
  • His former band, the Bo Dukes, can be found here:  MySpace.
  • Their music can be purchased from CD Baby.
  • Songs from Pres' upcoming  album, including the four played during ths how, is now available online via his MySpace page. 
  • Pres has previously worked as a casting producer for the TV shows The Singing Office, The American Inventor, and The Moment of Truth.
  • You can view the infamous Moustache Movie, as well as his other video projects on YouTube.
  • Pres ateended the University of Iowa, along with Dallas Clark and Bob Sanders and remains baffled as to why they have not yet called him.