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Jun 26, 2009

I love a bit of controversy.  I've actually had very little with this show over the years, and what I did have is normally from that vocal group of five or six listeners who hate it when I change anything, no matter how minute ... new layout on the web site, moving the introbabble to the outrobabble, opening the show with a track instead of music news, etc.  This week sparked a particularly heated debate from the limited-vision what is probably of that exact same group of four or five people:  Are club DJ's technically musicians, and should they be featured on Indy In-Tune?  

As if this is some exclusive country club?!  Honestly, sometimes I think most people should be begging me not to associate myself with them. 

Trust me, both El Carnicero and Motif (aka: the Bring the Fiyah crew) are not only musicians, but they are also a fascinating melange of producer, DJ, artist, computer programmer, sociologist, music historian, entertainer, PR consultant, entrepreneur, music researcher, writer, journalist,  and probably twenty other trades and skills once you scratch a little deeper beneath the surface.  This interview covers all of that, as well as a bit about their roots, their current work, and their plans for building a multimedia publication empire dedicated to culture, fashion, art, and of course music.  Really, the stuff that these guys deal with on a nightly basis boggles the mind, as I witnessed the following week, when I dropped back by their Wednesday night residency at Blu to take a few pictures, hang out in the booth, and watch them in action.  I can safely say, as a project manager and someone who likes to have everything go according to a pre-defined plan, I do not envy these guys with the rapid, real-time, ups and downs, adapting, adjusting, and scrambling that they go through every night.  I'd much rather sit on the other side of the speakers and listen and watch.

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