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May 14, 2009

A friend and I were discussing what we liked about the new bands we're listening to these days.  It would seem this changes every couple of years for us.  Certainly musicianship is important, as is stage presence, and maybe even a bit of an "attitude."  This week's guests, Finer, has all of those things.  However, the thing that really draws me to their music is what, for lack of a better word, we called "quirkiness" during the interview.  It's not that the music is weird or inaccessible by any means (quite the contrary), but more that their songs not only meld multiple, familiar styles and elements, but also that they turn them, not quite on their head, but at least a little off-the straight-and-narrow to give them a unique, fresh feel.

Beyond the music, Finer, represented in this interview by husband and wife team Stacy Basner and Ethan James, have some interesting stories about nursing a car through life in the fast lane, living in LA, and more than a few observations about the Midwest music scene, all of which are surprisingly optimistic and upbeat -- another quirky approach for local musicians.

Finally, for those of you keeping score, it was not evasion, but purely coincidental that I neglected to ask my standard question: What is the song "Thorn in My Side" is about?  This will no doubt prove to be the omission of the year.  Sorry, I guess you guys will just have to whip out your subtext dictionaries and work on that one as your homework assignment.

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