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Oct 2, 2007

This is the fifth of seven shows recorded on September 15th at the Kammy's Kause benefit and features Northwest Indiana singer/songwriter/musician Josh Holmes. Along with being the infamous triple threat (possibly quadruple -- I don't know for sure if he dances or not), Josh has some innovative, interesting ideas concerning grass-roots marketing tactics. So innovative, in fact, that he's actually gotten radio exposure in serveral out of state markets all over the country, including charting in Hawaii, and having his music featured on national television.

I must admit, one-on-one interviews like this always make me nervous. With a full band, I can generally sit back, say very little, and let the guests play off of each other. Single guests require a great deal of research, preparation, and planning to determine what topics and questions are going to be most interesting to the audience as well as the interviewee. Fortunately, Josh is a very easy interview who displays a great deal of natural wit, intelligence, and charm as he talks us through four excellent tracks from his last two releases.

Important links from the show.

  • Josh Holmes can be found on the Internet here: Web site / MySpace
  • His last two CD releases, A Table 4 One and 2nd Generation Loss can be purchased directly from his web store.
  • During the natural course of the conversation, Josh and I discovered that we were both students of Professor Glenn Gass when we attended I.U., and we both wholeheartedly recommend his various courses in the History of Rock and Roll.
  • Speaking of rock history, Josh recently played his dream gig at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, IA.
  • Our Kammy's Kause segment for this episode features a meet and greet with the show's MC, Mike Potempa
  • And as with all of these seven shows, we need to thank the following people: