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May 19, 2007

Oh, those wacky guys. This week's show is a bit chaotic as you can tell, powered by a bit too much beer and a band that, when I said, "Just be relaxed and conversational," actually took me to heart. So, for the multiple conversations and the people talking over each other, I apologize. The was the largest assembled group I've ever tried to record at once, and already a pretty wild bunch of guys. Thus I didn't even notice the audio jumble until I went in to do the editing.

On the other hand, Strange Face are a great bunch of guys who are a lot of fun to hang around, and who play some kick-ass heavy rock. We caught their set at Birdy's, where they gave veteran acts like Flesh Suit and Smoke Ring. True to their word they were completely out of control on stage and certainly gave the more-seasoned veterans a run for their money that night. Not to mention, if the six song demo they recorded in a single session is anything to go on, I can't wait to hear what they do when they've got time and money on their side.

This show also marks the beginning of what is planned to be a "occasional two-host format," with my good friend Mark Miller acting as the first guinea pig. This is mostly to keep energy levels up, add a little variety to interviews (which even I'll admit are becoming somewhat patterned), and ensure that Indy In-Tune isn't becoming "the Darrin show." The plan is to get a few movers and shakers, former guests, the occasional random listener, and important non-performing members of the Indianapolis music scene to step up to a mic once in a while. To that end, if you're interested in donning a headset and interviewing your favorite band, drop me a line, we'll set something up.

Important links from the show:

  • Strange Face can be found here: (MySpace / Web Site) I promised the band I'd tell everyone not to visit the web site though.
  • Co-Host Mark Miller can be found here: (MySpace / Web Site)
  • As mentioned, Mark and Tim Spainhower (Show #007) recorded as an acoustic duo, called Into the Mystic, which later became a short-lived full band called Blue Tear (featuring a certain podcast host on keyboards). The first studio project was abandoned shortly after completion, but you can hear the complete, unmastered album on Reverb Nation.
  • Though I found several, this was my favorite of the band name generators on the web.
  • Two more bands mentioned worth checking out: Snoddy's older brother, Ryan, plays for the band Kramus. His younger brother, Blake, plays for 7 Days Away.
  • And as usual these days, we implore listeners to check out and learn how they can help protect on-line radio stations from a ten-fold increase in licensing fees imposed by the copyright association.