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Mar 7, 2007

I could go on record saying that I struggled for a while over what to do about this week's show. That would be a lie, however.

On one hand, I freely admit that some of the language, actions, and stories from this interview are completely inappropriate for children and may even be offensive to many adults. Yes I know that some of you regular listeners have a low tolerance for the type of humor that is prevalent in this week's show. I am not insensitive to this -- hence the repeated warnings. I even admit that it would have been relatively easy to cut the seven or eight most potentially-offensive minutes out of the interview and "bleep" some of the harsher language.

On the other hand, this is easily the most fun I've ever had recording a podcast.

A few lessons learned from the evening:

  1. Jager tastes deceptively like candy ... but it isn't. It's more like "evil cough syrup."
  2. Jager will make you drunk-text your ex-girlfriend at 3:00 AM, and the results will not be pleasant.
  3. When buying The Dirty Third a round of "whatever they're drinking," be careful: There are five of them (plus you), and whatever that Jager-mixed concoction is, it costs eight-bucks a shot. (It's really tasty though.)
  4. When I detox from this encounter, I will definitely be asking Five 'Til Dawn to do an interview.

Links referenced in the show:

  • The Dirty Third can be found here: MySpace.
  • Their latest CD, Songs for the Living, is available from CD Baby.
  • They have also donated a copy of that CD to be given away to one lucky listener. You can enter to win it by filling out our contest form.
  • I also neglected to remind you that you still have a few weeks to enter to win CD's from Jenn Cristy, Vilafishburn and Great Scott!
  • Ray Ruiz (Pronounced "Rooz," and not "Rooweez" -- my mistake during the show) was formerly a guest on Show #009, featuring Vilafishburn.
  • You can hear more of the incomparable wisdom of Ryan Shore on Show #004, featuring The Jeremy Vogt Band.
  • And finally, the benefit concert for LCPL Josh Bliel will be next Saturday (March 17) at St. Michael's Hall in Indianapolis. More information about how you can join the Dirty Third in helping contribute to care packages for hospitalized veterans can be found here and here.