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May 22, 2006

So this week it isn't software that's driving me nuts.  It's hardware. Sadly, while trying out some new equipment on Saturday, I blew the sound card in the laptop.  The soundcard, as you have probably guessed, is a somewhat critical part of doing this show.  Not to fear, however, everything should be under warranty, and I have several shows already recorded, so there shouldn't be any interruption to the flow of things around here.  I just felt the need to vent.  Yeah, I know, it's always something with me and this silly project of mine.

On the other hand, this week's guests are Kenny Childers and Jim Robinson of Gentleman Caller.  Two great guys who gave us four wonderful tracks and a great interview that covered a wide spectrum of topics and issues.

Important links from the show:

  • The message board is in beta with a few friends of the show and should be up for general use early this week on the web site.
  • Special thanks to Jeffrey T. at the Good Beer Show for his assistance and advice.  (Sorry about the joke about being my Podfather ... couldn't resist.)
  • As mentioned, the featured interview this week is Gentleman Caller.
  • Their latest CD, Until We are Missing is available at CD Baby.
  • Or you can win a free copy by leaving a message on our voice mail line, (317) 489-4175.  Just leave a message of any kind, but be sure to include your email address.  If the messages are interesting enough, and there is sufficient time (which hasn't yet occurred), we MAY play the best ones on the show.  We certainly won't include your email, and if you don't want your message played just say so.  It won't count against you.
  • And of course the story that has us geeks divided.  Was Lucas re-releasing the original, undoctored trilogy a good or bad thing.  Jim and I seem to differ on this.
  • More information about the NSA's wiretapping policies and AT&T's selling out of its customer's information can be found at the Electronic Frontier Foundation's website.
  • Internet Neutrality is one of those very important issues that is constantly buried in media because it's somewhat confusing, doesn't really have any helpless victims that reporters can exploit on camera, and everyone just assumes that the government will come in and fix things before major damage is done to our communications infrastructure.  I recommend Geek News Central and their wonderful podcast for a better explanation of the issues than I can give.
  • Everyone loves Zombies, and everyone loves great independent music.  Check out Jonathan Coulton's Re: Your Brains.  Then subscribe to his Thing-a-Week podcast and get a brand new, original song in your podcatcher every week.  A favorite of mine.
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