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May 14, 2006

For those of you who thought maybe my moniker of "music geek" was somewhat unwarranted, this episode should either put your mind at ease, or put you off the show altogether.  But hey, it's my show, so expect me to be self indulgent, exploratory, and rebellious once in a while by appealing to something other than the greatest common denominator when it comes to music and interview topics, since that's really the whole point of this podcast. 

I even conducted this week' interview without research or extensive notes (which is unheard of for me) -- just played their tracks a few times and decided to improvise.  Top that end, this show continues my experimentation with different interview styles and locations.  This week, as you can tell, we are in public, at a sidewalk tavern located on a busy intersection in downtown Indianapolis.  As such, the urban ambience (and wind) may be a bit loud at times, but hopefully will not detract from your listening enjoyment.  It also makes the editing a little more obvious and choppy-sounding.  Hopefully you still aren't expecting professional-quality production values from me after all these weeks.

On the backside of things, the podcast continues to grow in popularity (by about 50-100 listeners per week).  This is mostly due to bands promoting their appearance on the show, obviously, and has little to do with anything I've done.  However, it's been gratifying to see that, contrary to my expectations for a local music podcast, we actually have listeners in Alberta, Ontario, and Germany, which is extremely cool.  Since I didn't get a chance to say it in this weeks' show, a special thank you to those of you who subscribe (or at least regularly download) this show, and a hearty welcome to those of you who are here for the first time.  Check out our website (which I also failed to plug in the show) and our MySpace page for additional goodies and tidbits.

Important links for today's show:

  • The band is called CA3 ... (Homepage) / (MySpace Page)
  • The band consists of Jeff DeHerdt ... (Homepage) / (MySpace Page)
  • And Brian Meyers ... (Homepage) / (MySpace Page)
  • Jeff has a fantastic Jazz album called Club Bordeaux available at CDBaby
  • Brian plays in a number of bands including Siochain (despite my butchering of the pronunciation in the podcast, it's actually SHEE'-a-kwan) and Ashworth, among others
  • Today's promo is from Krimson News, a great website and podcast done by Jeff Duke.
  • CA3 (and a different special guest each week) will appear on Tuesday nights throughout the month of may at the Upper Room in Broadripple.