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Jul 8, 2014

I love these multi-podcast days in Studio B. No only is it a chance to be really productive, which makes me happy, it also affords me a chance to get caught up on some numbers ... specifically the number of episodes that all of these upstart newbie "weekly" podcasters are creeping up to me with. I mean, I should be on episode 450 by now and thinking about my impending Episode 500 a year from now. 162? Really? Hardly worth even editing this thing, is it now? The other thing that's really cool about Studio Saturday is that it is a constant reminder that I'm mortal and about twice the age of the average guest on these shows -- as anyone who has witnessed my cranky, hung-over, swollen-kneed, limping around ass on Sunday can attest to. Next investment: a decent bar stool for the console. Well, maybe not, nobody looks good sitting down, the webcam adds 10 pounds, and I've got four of them pointing at me down there.

This episode marks the third and final podcast commemorating the artists of Release Fest. The Chicago Typewriters are, shall we say, and energetic bunch out of Anderson (that's a scoch northeast of Indy ... you are forgiven if you've never had a reason to visit). Their music, on the surface anyway, would appeal to any fan of hard rock, punk, or even noisy alternative. As the interview reveals, however, these guys know their stuff and have subtly and meticulously crafted a great deal of what would seem to be random chaos (a note ringing out to feedback, a "spontaneous jam" to start a song, etc.). The result is an intensity and freshness that, while contrived, certainly makes a track more memorable than the sterile, pitch corrected, quantized music that we're used to hearing. I'm good with that.

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