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Jul 7, 2014

It gets frustrating sometimes that it seems the more I am in love with a band, the longer it takes to get them to actually come in and do a podcast. Certainly Coup d'Etat has been on Indy In-Tune in varying capacities in the past year, between our Battle shows last fall, an appearance at Monday Night Live, and some spontaneous guest appearances during our National High-Five Day, Marathon ... but really, we never seem to just sit down and have the kind of serious, thoughtful, in-depth conversation about "Salmon Pants" that one can have in a podcast setting, so I'm very glad we finally had this opportunity to raise the intellectual content of the radio station. Seriously though, for the past two years we've been doing live broadcasts, you'll note that Coup d'Etat's music gets featured in nearly every single one, which probably says something about the level of respect I have for these guys and their craft.

Formed about three years ago, and first unleashed to the world at large about two years ago, Coup d'Etat is very much the quintessential power trio, and very much lives up to everything one expects from their predecessors: a tight group of guys who just blend well together musically to the point that throwing out an hour or two of spontaneous music requires almost no forethought or effort, easily mixing back and forth between improvisational vamping, virtuosic solos, and jaw-dropping riff-based rock that makes you want to scream, "Hell yeah!" Wait ... did I just compare them to Gretchen Wilson? Probably not the smartest thing I've done this week. Their long awaited debut CD (discounting several under-produced demos recorded in their living room) gets unleashed on the world this coming weekend ... so aren't you lucky we're able to give you a sneak peak in advance? You're welcome, America.

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