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May 5, 2013

As I mention in the show, Stacy Basner has impeccable taste in music and always manages to find me the best bands for the show.  Unfortunately, as with the Post Script, she has a tendency to find them about a half-hour before the interview, leaving no time for research or even listening to the band beforehand.  Fortunately, she's also an excellent guest host and picks very well-spoken entertaining guests, ensuring that for once you don't have to listen to too much of my voice droning on in this episode. 

This time around, Stacy introduces us to Kinski and Rodax, a pair of "tour buddies" of hers from Los Angeles currently going under the band name of Gallo (Pronounced: GUY-oh).  These brothers have just release a trilogy of albums: an all-Spanish language record, Fuego, and all-English language record, Phoenix Rising, and a bi-lingual world-beat record, Mamawe.  The music is excellent, though somewhat different from what we're used to hearing here in Indy, and I've long lamented that I can count our pop bands on one hand, which seems to me to be an opportunity if there ever was one.  I ended up purchasing the trilogy in deluxe form that night, which included posters, stickers, booklets, and a plethora of things I didn't need, but was pretty sure I had to have anyway.  No regrets there, I assure you.

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