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Feb 17, 2013

Okay, so after the nightmare editing sessions that brought you the JVB/BoTo/Cristy/Swig podcast, this one was actually quite easy to edit, thereby restoring my enthusiasm and energy for the whole otherwise soul-sucking process. This week, I'm happy to introduce many of you, I suspect, to The Dead Squirrels, an atomic-punk band from London's East End famous for blowing up small woodland animals on stage and showering the audience in ... wait ... never trust Wikipedia as a fact-checking source source. In reality, the Squirrels -- who chose a rather suggestive moniker despite their mainstream, easy-going nature -- are a couple of friends of mine, mostly famous for tearing up the Fishers, Indiana open-mic scene for the past several months. Their shows are generally loose, always fun, well-attended, and feature a balance of solid songwriting combined with courage to continually attempt experimentation and risk ridcule. (Violin ... seriously?) Surprisingly, they have also amassed a cult-like following of loyal fans -- whom I learned are referred to as "Squirrel Nuts" -- that will, given any opportunity, talk to you for hours about the history and direction of a band that is just a few months old, with a fervor not unlike that of a Browncoat recounting the battle of Serenity Valley at a Firefly convention.

This interview marks the first use of the new studio recording setup, graciously donated by our good friends at Sam Ash music in Castleton. (Hey, I'll shill the corporate line for gear. I'm not proud.) Okay, maybe the mics are set just a little bit hot still, but understand I had only been playing with the dials for less than a day when this recording was made. With luck, sound quality will continue to improve in the weeks to come and I'll graduate to only slightly sucking. Stay tuned.

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