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Feb 6, 2013

It's nice that after seven years, some of these shows can still surprise me.  Take this one ... please.  Yes, the soothing presence of Jenn Cristy is long absent from the show ... not sure why ... I'll fix that, promise.  Andrew Newport, aka the funny BoTo, is responsible for at least one lost weekend at some bar called "Show Me's" that it turns out was NOT what I thought it was.  Jeremy was one of the first artists I interviewed and friends I made doing this show, so I'm always thrilled to get to hang out with him.  Getting a live acoustic set from Jeremy, along with Jon Martin (whom I have long admired but have never gotten to sit down and get deep with), was just plain huge for me. The icing on that triple-layer cake was having Lee and Brian from Swig, one of my new favorite bands, in the co-hosting slot. So, surely, this was a recipe for a great time ... and it was.

Until it comes time for editing. 

First off, this show was intended as a live promotional presentation for the BoTo/Cristy/Vogt show at the Vogue.  Great show.  Did you catch it?   Since the podcast was always intended to be released after the show, plenty of extra material was recorded so that we could remove the bulk of the "time sensitive" discussion.  That is to say, we drank a lot and rambled on for slightly more than two hours, not counting the 15 minutes of music that needed to be inserted.  So, in the end the editing process nearly drove me insane.  Cut #1 removed bathroom breaks, ummms, ahhhs, long pauses, repetitious babbling, and much of the discussion around the January 18 show.  It came in at just over two hours.  Great, if you're doing a feature length movie.  In podcasting, anything over 59:59 drops your download numbers by a third.  Cut #2 took out retellings of stories from previous podcasts (there were a lot of those) as well as with some great material from Jon Martin where he discussed his history with Sindicato. (Sorry, Jon, putting a fourth band in there, and not playing their music, felt extraneous. We'll get together and do that again as a separate show.)  This version was about an hour and 27 minutes.  Cut #3 removed two questions from the three-question "Lightning Round" and severely cut down the remaining question.  One hour, six minutes. 

Do you know how hard it is to find six minutes of material to cut from a show that has already been trimmed down twice?  (Hint:  It's kinda like finding six full sets of teeth at a Skynyrd concert.)  This was the hardest edit by far, and believe me, those six minutes came in the form of about fifty edits of 5-10 seconds each, and required playing through the show about four more times.  Yes, it took four hours to cut six minutes.  The things I go through for my art ...

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