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Dec 30, 2012

Well, here we are wrapping up the year that was ... 2012.  I remember starting the year with the resolution of getting back in to writing and playing, then eventually doing that long-dreamed album project.  Instead, a fateful conversation with Jack Barkley on a rainy spring night led me to starting a radio station instead.  In retrospect, it was probably the better choice.  The original idea was to keep something related to local music in front of people during those weeks when I just didn't have the time or energy to do a podcast.  Unexpectedly, the station greatly increased attention and traffic to the site and provided the opportunity to record podcasts live, in real time, from the newly-improved and remodeled basement studio -- instead of carting the gear out and recording two hours of stream-of-conscious rambing that often took days to edit into a 1-hour show.  This meant I was suddenly recording two podcasts per week with much less editing time and effort to get them out, and I have even been able to incorporate live sets played right here in Studio B and broadcast live to the Internet at large. 

Our final podcast of the year features Bizarre Noir, a heavier band that places an emphasis on showmanship, storytelling, and the now sadly somewhat-archaic "album concept."  Any fan of hard rock, metal, or even 90's industrial music will find something they like in this music, I know I did.  Sadly, I've not yet been able to see a live show, but I'm hoping to rectify that oversight sometime in the near future.  As always, I had a great time hanging out with these guys, and look forward to their new project in the coming year. 

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