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Dec 18, 2012

A funny thing happened after the end of this show.  I ended up spending about two and a half hours on a Sunday night hanging out with The Grinning Man, and let's just say, the magic fridge got seriously depleted (even the Jones' turkey and gravy cola, if that gives you any indication).  When we were finally done, having given the radio listeners an extra half-hour of random musings beyond what you guys get to hear on this podcast, keyboardist Craig Swendsen asked if all my shows complete derailed like that one.  My reply: "I wish they did!"  Honestly, after 133 shows, how many times can one ask the same ten questions?  The show relies on random tangents and individual personalities, and these guys have that in spades. 

I'm always excited to find bands that just don't quite fit into anyone's mold.  Usually this is because they're combining several genres to form a new style that is uniquely theirs.  In the case of The Grinning Man, it's even more interesting in that the styles they're combining -- psychedelic rock, surf, and lounge jazz -- are not exactly mainstream to begin with.  Top of this unique approach with excellent musicianship and a great sense of humor, and you've got a recipe for becoming one of my favorite bands.  I suggest everyone keep an eye on these guys.

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