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Nov 30, 2012

You know, I started the streaming radio station because the new day job plus a toddler running around didn't allow me any time to keep up with podcasting on a regular basis (yeah, like I was ever regular about podcasting).  Now, suddenly instead of doing one podcast a month, I'm finding myself doing two per week.  Not sure what happened there.  On the other hand, I'm finally getting around to doing interviews that I've been threatening to do for years now, namely this show featuring Tony Cheesebourough and next week's show with Marvin Parrish, two guys that I've known socially for a while, but haven't had the chance to get in front of the mic to tell their story. 

I'm also trying to figure out why it's been seven years and 130 episodes before I got a straight-up blues player on this show.  Believe me, it's not for lack of trying, they're just generally too busy to come in for an interview.  Actually, considering Tony is equally well-versed and capable in funk, gospel, and RnB music, maybe I still haven't gotten a "straight-up" blues player.  No matter, Tony is a fascinating guy with a seemingly endless supply of great stories, just a few of which are represented here, along with a sampling of some of his diverse musical endeavors.  Look for him to hopefully complete three new albums this year in between touring with the Ohio Players and sitting in at the Noodle.

Links referenced in the show:   

  • Tony Cheesebourough can be found here Web Site | Facebook | Reverb Nation
  • Co-Host Johnny Lyles can be heard in the background of several early shows. He is best known as the host of "The Stage" open mic night and the Free Beer Express -- airing Sunday nights on Indy In-Tune Radio.
  • Tony currently tours as the guitarist for the Ohio Players
  • He formerly played with Albert King 
  • His three albums, "Wanted Dead but ... Alive!," "Blue Cheeze," and "Too Way Street" were produced by Ryan Atkins at Azmyth Studios.
  • He recently appeared with W.T. Feaster and Matthew Socey.   The former being a somewhat well-known international recording and touring artist; the later being one of my terrestrial radio heroes and host of WFYI's Blues House Party.
  • Our last track, Drift Along, is a tribute to Sam Cook.