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Nov 18, 2012

There came a point back around Show #118, coincidentally co-hosted by one of tonight's guests, Jack Barkley, when I realized how truly blessed I am to have so many cool friends in the local music scene.  We sat around that night, talked about frivolous things, serious topics, played music, took questions from the Internet audience, drank copious amounts of beer, and just, generally had a blast hanging out.  Unfortunately, I had to go back to being a corporate drone at a soul-sucking day job the next day, which led to another realization: Thursdays are worse than Mondays for me, directly proportional to the amount of fun I had playing "radio guy" the night before.  I was reminded of this recently, when Whoa!Tiger dropped by for a similar evening of fun, and became the first full band to play a live, on-air set from "Studio B."  Co-incidentally this their first "unplugged set" as well, and yet another miserable Thursday for me.  I mention this here because there are many references to the performance throughout the interview.  Unfortunately, the recording was deemed sub-standard for this podcast, therefore we have substituted tracks from their latest album, instead.  See what what happens when you don't listen live?  

It seems like every time Indy In-Tune puts something together, Whoa!Tiger tend to dominate it.  In 2010, they won the inaugural Podcast Battle of the Bands -- sweeping the top three songs by popular vote and prompting our judges to create the category, "Best album by a band without superfluous punctuation in their name."  They repeated the feat by being the only band to hold down the #1 through #4 spots on Indy In-Tune Radio's top twenty countdown.  Whoa!Tiger is the musical equivalent of that overachieving valedictorian/quarterback/prom king you went to high school with that pretty much excelled at everything he did and was a nice as he was gifted.  Makes you just want to slug the collective lot of them, eh? 

Links referenced in the show:        

  • Whoa!tiger can be found here: Web Site | FaceBook | Reverb Nation | MySpace | YouTube. They first appeared on Show #035, and later on Show #075.
  • Bassist Eric Tullis first appeared way back on Show #002.
  • Font man Jack Barkley appeared as a guest host on Show #118 and Show #126. and
  • This show, however was co-hosted by Ben Myers, who appeared on Show #101.
  • Their latest album, The Rollout, can be purchased via the usual suspects (Amazon | iTunes).  
  • It was produced by Mike Lyons at Azmyth Recording.
  • John Myung is a reference to the bassist from Dream Theater, who is notorious for rarely, if ever, speaking in interviews.
  • Whoa!Tiger recently headlined the 4:00 PM slot in the Connors tent at Broad Ripple Music Fest on Saturday. 
  • They will also be headlining Indy In-Tune's Podconcert II at Birdy's on November 24. 
  • Forest Gump is a reference to the 1994 Robert Zemeckis film.  I wouldn't have thought this obscure enough to warrant a show note, but apparently, Ben proved me wrong.