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Nov 12, 2012

One thing we've talked about on this show is how tight-knit certain branches of the Indy music family tree are.  I first stumbled on The Farewell Audition by way of No Pit Cherries to Veseria to Verdant Vera to Audiodacity, etc.  These are bands that, in my opinion are pure class in the way that they show up to each others' shows, turn their fans on to each others' bands, and in general really go the extra mile to help promote and grow the scene.  These efforts aren't lost on outsiders, and I've had more than one out of town band remark on how it's amazing that musicians in Indianapolis are really starting to work as a unit, while Los Angeles, Chicago, and other markets are rife with stores about bands tearing down other bands' flyers, stealing members, sabotaging shows, etc.  Makes me feel good about what we've got going on here.

The Farewell Audition features songs that are well within the sphere of alternative rock/pop with tinges of angry punk, but at the same time has playful touches of cerebral musicality that give it epic overtones without crossing that fine line into self-indulgence that is common among academically trained musicians.  While the songs often contain little complexities and in-jokes for the music theory savvy, the band is constantly aware during the writing process of when they may have gone to far, and when they need to scale back to avoid losing the broader appeal.  Definitely a very smart listen for anyone looking a new band to sink their ears into.

Links referenced in the show:        

  • The Farewell Audition can be found here Facebook | Reverb Nation | Raw Artists | YouTube | MySpace
  • You can get their latest tracks via Amazon, Spotify, or iTunes.
  • The first song, Tyler Durden, is a reference to the Chuck Palahniuk novel and movie Fight Club.
  • Bassist Tommy Grant and guitarist Jason Easy also play for the band Audiodacity.
  • Pink Floyd is named for blues players Pink Anderson and Floyd Council -- yes, I had to look that up.
  • The Farewell Audition placed second in the 2011 Battle of Birdy's.  Sadly they only made the second round in 2012.
  • They played their first show at the now defunct Vollrath Tavern.
  • There is a dirth of prog bands in this city, though we have interviewed CA3 and ESW (and hope to get Shadeland in here some day).
  • The Farewell Audition have been known to play the 247 Skybar.  Who knew there was live, original music downtown?