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Oct 25, 2012

Have I mentioned how much fun it really is doing the radio thing?  Sunday and Wednesday nights are generally spent drinking beer, shooting the breeze, and listening to music with some of the coolest people in town, in my humble opinion.  Now we've add live-in-my-home concerts from some of my favorite players!?  Do you have any idea how brutal this makes my Mondays and Thursdays at the day job? 

Long time listeners of the show will remember Junk Box Mike and John Boyer's first appearance on Indy In-Tune, as Junk Box Mike and band, where collectively we were the first podcast to be recorded in, and the first people forcibly ejected from, the Palladium in Carmel.  Now they become the first guests to actually perform all of their tracks live for the podcast.  Don't worry, if you missed the live performance, you'll get a chance to hear it replayed during that "Monday Night Live" thing I'm still trying to get worked out.  OTR, as opposed to JBM, features high energy bluegrass-influenced music played with the precision of two excellent musicians and occasionally joined by some of the finest supplemental players in the metro area.  Even if bluegrass isn't your thing -- and I have to admit that beyond a a casual appreciation and respect it really isn't mine --  these guys will make believers out of you.

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