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Sep 23, 2012

When I first spoke to Jack Barkley about interviewing our mutual friends, Shadyside Allstars, he enthusiastically offered to go back and listen to the old shows in order to avoid asking the same questions that have already been asked.  This one made me chuckle.  I think I've probably asked Shadyside a few questions over the past six years ... but have they actually answered any of them?  No, this is a bad you just wind up like a top, then let it go.  To date, there has been very little point in trying to plan or structure around them.  I just think of it as one of their infamous jams -- there are sections, and cues to move on, but no real planning involved.  Not wanting to spoil the surprise, I told Jack to to worry so much with that, since it's been a few years and who's really going to remember little details like a duped question.  Oh yeah, podcast listeners, the same batch of rain men who call me out when I off-handed mention a show and give the wrong show number.  

Well, sorry to disappoint, but we did dupe a few questions this time around, however we did, in fairness actually get serious answers, and a pretty decent debate about playing to technical correctness or what the audience will better identify with.  Honestly, I though the allure of actually being live, with a video feed, and free alcohol would have pushed this one over the edge, and really it did, though thanks to the miracle of editing (this was originally a two and a half-hour interview, remember), we actually ended up with something coherent, intelligent, and in places, quite educational.

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