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Aug 26, 2012

I got into a conversation at the Battle of Birdy's the other day where a couple of rival musicians were discussing how many bands there actually are in Indianapolis.  Of course, being the numbers geek that I am, I had to chime in with the results of my personal research from six years ago:  Including garage bands, studio-only projects, cover bands, solo artists, and bands that had names but never actually finished finding a full lineup, there were between 2800 and 3000 bands active in the metro area ... NOT counting Bloomington, Lafayette, Ft. Wayne, Munice, etc.  That seems like a huge number, until you figure in how many great bands disappear, or at least go dormant, as quickly as they appear.  Even looking back at the first 20 bands of this podcast series, you see a lot of great music that has been lost and mostly forgotten, which is why it's always a treat to find and give a little exposure to something new. 

Brandon Bowman is pretty well known in certain circles around the state or up in Chicago, but has, so far, made only a few appearances gigging here in town.  Those appearances, however, have garnered enough attention that more than one person has heard him and recommended him to me (even after I put him in my bottomless pile of stuff I need to check out).  Aside from his incredible diversity and confidence in both playing and singing, what drew me to Brandon was his energy that, on the night I first saw him, drew in a crowd of people from the other side of the room who had never heard of him before, and who certainly hadn't come there to see him.  That's power, folks.  Brandon is joined on this interview by his personal videographer, Desiree Longworth, who discusses some of her more-interesting projects over the last few years.

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