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Aug 26, 2012

Special treat for you this week: an action-packed show featuring fun, frivolity, and the kind of music that, no matter how bad a mood you're in, makes you nod your head and pound your fist in the air in defiance.  The Last Good Year is one of those in your face rock bands that encompasses everything that the genre implies -- crunchy guitar riffs, a rhythm section that gets you moving, and vocals that convey the raw power of emotion, grab your attention, and command you to steal your childrens' money ... er ... ummm ... and drag you in to the song.  Had a great time hanging out with these guys, spinning some tunes, and talking about the trials and tribulations of tours, sponsorships, hitting on bartenders, and  winning just about every competition the band has ever entered -- or at least earning a pretty damned impressive trophy case of victories over the years.

I've seen and exchanged emails/tweets with The Last Good Year a couple of times over the years, but it was the insistence and efforts of Aaron Patrick that finally got these guys on the show in advance of their new single, Steady Road, and subsequent tour.  As you may have noticed, with the recent publicity afforded us by the radio station and associated launch party, so far in the month of August, I've put together about as many podcasts as I did in the entire year of 2011.  Therefore it seemed only natural to drag Aaron along and give him the quick field promotion to co-host, as he has always been a vibrant personality in his appearances a guest.  He did not disappoint.

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