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Aug 6, 2012

Things are starting to run a little more smoothly around here, finally.  Managed to get through this interview without any technical problems ... well, okay that one little issue where I forgot to cut in the live board until halfway through the opening song, but at least, this time, it was the opening song, and not an obscure Frank Zappa track.  So ... progress.  The station itself continues to gain traction with listeners.  I've had instances now of bands saying that they've had people walk up to them at shows saying they hear them on Indy In-Tune and wanted to come out and see them live ... and this is all I ask of you listeners in terms of support.  Meanwhile the podcast, which was intended to fill the radio audience has actually seen a very steady uptick in downloads, this after a couple of years of anemic to no growth.  Finally, I've had more than one company come to me asking about sponsorship opportunities, which as you know is the best way to improve the quality of the services we offer and get Flo from Progressive off our station once and for all (the companies in question are both at least of interest to local music fans and local musicians).

The next step, however, is to get some padded coasters for the bar/mixing console -- for those of you who are audiophiles, I apologize for the "ambiance" of the last three interviews.  For the rest of you, just listen to the voices and the pretty background  music, because once you hear it, it never gets out of your head. Which brings me to this week's guest, Veseria.  I think the interview goes without saying that I love these guys, both their music and their personalities.  The music is a delightful, auditory journey through raw emotion and unrestrained passions that alternates between delicate and hard-edged; poetic and profane; simplistic and multi-layered.  The personalities are unbridled, witty, and generally a lot of fun to be around.  We had a great time shooting the breeze, spinning a couple of tunes, and tilting back a few beverages.  So much so, in fact, that we kept the mics rolling for the benefit of the live audience, inaugurating what I am now calling "Indy In-Tune After Dark," which an even-less-scripted dive into the deep cuts and the sorts of stories that, if they are to be told, they are not to be permanently archived.  So it pays, from now on, to watch the social media feeds and listen live instead of waiting for the podcast, eh? 

Links referenced in the show:      

  • Veseria can be found here:  Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | ReverbNation 
  • Their latest LP, Cities Made of Gin, can be found at the usual suspects Amazon | iTunesBandcamp.   
  • The band formed from the remnants of Periphonic, if you guys remember them from a couple of years ago.  
  • The album was recorded by Doug Miller at Winn Studios for Daddy Real Entertainment.
  • Though I don't usually give corporate endorsements, it should be noted that this is not the first band to appear on the show that consists of multiple employees from Starbucks. Can you name another one?
  • Veseria credits Elvis Meyers, of the former Vollrath Tavern with giving them their first break in the local scene.
  • They are currently working with Will at Lazy Hawk Promotions and have nothing but nice things to say about the experience.
  • Though Veseria turned down the opportunity to play one of the headlining spots, they have agreed to come out and party with us at the Indy In-Tune Radio Launch Party and Podcast Concert at Birdy's on August 31.