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Jul 15, 2012

My own technical ineptitude aside (which I left it in just for humorous value), I'm starting to warm to the idea of live interviews.  For one thing, the editing process goes from 3-4 hours down to, essentially, 1 hour (and that's just replaying the interview to make sure everything sounds okay).  Granted Voodoo Sunshine, my second attempt and this week's guest, is an easy interview -- intelligent, witty, well-considered, and most-importantly amicable.  I may rethink this the next time I've got an introverted emo songwriter in the studio who forgoes the beer and heads straight for the absinthe.

Voodoo Sunshine falls into that category I call, "Why isn't this band bigger than than they are?"  Their debut, five-song EP, Somethin' to Say, features strong writing, solid playing, and a mix of songs that cover all the bases from an electric folk protest song (Somethin' to Say), to a bone-crunching alternative rock anthem (Atmosphere), to a funky, catchy-riffed, almost-rap-meets-almost-southern-rock number that Kid Rock probably wishes he'd written (Bad Hangover).  To put icing on that cake, the lead off track, Cigarettes and Candy, that is as close to an AOR hit single as I've heard from a local band in quite a while, a sentiment that is shared by just about everybody I've played it for. 

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