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Jul 11, 2012

Well, now, here's something new and interesting on top of something else new and interesting.  It's been a big month for Indy In-Tune.  We've remodeled "Studio B" to make it fit for human occupation again.  We've started an on-line radio station to stream the music of our fair city to you 24/7, along with a big fat RIAA/DMCA exemption, courtesy of  And, combining the two, we give you this:  Our first live-streaming, interactive podcast available in both audio AND video format.   Okay, so the audio was pretty well attended, the video had a couple of followers, and nobody actually submitted a question or comment in real time, but it was still very cool that someone could have done it if they wanted to.

Did you miss it?  Well, then you just get this download that talks about all the "liveness going on," but trust us, it was cool. 

The guinea pigs for this grand experiment were No Pit Cherries, one of the up-and-comers generally associated with Indy's South Side scene, and occasionally making a few waves in other parts of the city.  They feature a diverse background of styles, influences, and experience that gets channeled into energetic rock and roll that is sure to appeal to anyone who is jaded by the sterile sameness of popular music today.  Add to that the fact that these are five completely different, but all genuinely wonderful personalities, and you've got the makings of a ensemble-cast for a potential hit sitcom, if not a great rock band. 

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