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Jun 14, 2012

This really is the show that didn't want to get put out.  Three times while writing this, I accidentally clicked away from the blog page without saving in order to look up one of the links below, thus erasing what used to be a really warming and heartfelt blog post where these words currently reside, and forcing me to duplicating a lot of effort looking up all the links below ... again.  Worse still, twice during the editing of the audio file, I inadvertently filled up the hard drive on my computer, which as those of you who are familiar with Audacity know, is an instant silent death sentence, as it means your file will be corrupted, but Audacity will not have the courtesy to warn or alert you until you go to play it back.  Mind you it's no small feat editing some of these things together, especially when it's Brett, beer, and myself ... which requires I identify and cut about 30% of what what actually recorded because we get off on weird, rambly tangents about baseball and g-strings.  (Seriously, with Jeff DeHerdt it's Doctor Who and Comic Books; with Brett Wiscons, it's a bit more esoteric.  Just be glad I edit and don't ask to hear the raw interviews on some of these shows.)   

Additionally, there is the problem I allude to in the interview that, not only have I asked Brett everything there is to ask him, I've pretty much written everything there is to write about him.  It should be obvious by now:  I like the guy/I think his singing is solid/I think his songwriting is great/he gets better with every release (even if he doesn't think so)/you should immediately click on the links below and buy the Michaels' new CD, Equals, and go catch them at their next show.   Are we clear on these points?  Good.  Because I really just want to get this show published once and for all so I can go clean up my hard drive.

Links referenced in the show: