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Aug 3, 2011

We're back!  Did you miss us?  It's been a pretty busy summer hiatus for us.  Excellent, new day job (FINALLY), couple of new projects in the works (more on those later), and just getting lined up for the kickoff of the second century of Indy In-Tune shows, featuring some big names, some great underground talent, and the return of a few of old friends.

Speaking of old friends, we're going to kick things off by revisiting a fan favorite, Mr. Jason Wells, who first appeared on the show about a year ago.  Since then, Jason has built his home studio, completed a full length CD called "Stepping Out," and written a season of music for a television series -- and here I thought I was getting a lot done.  Jason brings us some insights into independent music marketing, shares some stories about what's been happening with his music over the past year, and treats us to four new songs off his latest project, one of which is a new version of a track that will be familiar to Indy In-Tune listeners.

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