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Feb 27, 2011

You know, I've done a lot of these little intro/blog posts.  So many that I've forgotten what I've said in half of them.  Like the one that I wrote here, but just erased for because it was surprisingly similar to, and even borrowed a couple of jokes from, a post I made last year for a different band.  So, sorry, Mike.  There will be no contrived story or calculated essay loosely segued back into a description of you and your music.  No carefully crafted joke that will probably fall flat anyway.  No long self-indulgent story that people will merely skim over because I got too personal and deviated from the requisite 450-word limit the "best practices bloggers" unconsciously place on these things.  See?  I'm learning from you already. 

Some artists are storytellers, spinning legends out of characters and situations they've created.  Other artists, are legends and stories unto themselves.  In that analogy, I like to think of Junk Box Mike more as a portrait painter.  The body of his work focuses around people, places, and themes in his life (by themes, I mean fishing) whose broad strokes are something we can all identify with.  They seem real to us, because they are real to him.  Sure, Bob Seger can do an entire album about laboring thanklessly for the man, but we know a day of work for him largely revolves around planning his trip to the mailbox to pick up his royalty check.  When Junk Box Mike performs, you can be assured that, were you to walk up to him after the show and buy him a beer, you'd meet exactly the same guy you pictured in your head while you listened to his songs.  I encourage you to try this.

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