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Feb 23, 2011

Lots of fun in this week's episode, which will hopefully be as entertaining to listen to as it was to record.  First off, it features the return of Cootie Crabtree, one of our more-popular guests, last seen a little over a year ago ... which in my book, isn't often enough.  Second, it was recorded about twenty minutes after we recorded the all-star extravaganza that is Show #100 ... so the "tone" for the day had already been set when we drove down to meet Mr. Crabtree.  Third, I had the improvisational comedic stylings of Mr. Pres Maxson in the co-host chair, which pretty much ads an element of randomness to any episode.  Fourth, we feature, for the first time, a live on-podcast performance by our guest ... something I'd always wanted to do, but have generally shied away from out of fear of not doing justice to the guest from an audio quality standpoint (I record one-channel mono with 2-6 microphones, so leveling and mixing is generally done by moving mics closer and further away from people while they talk).  Fifth, we had an audience, which is always fun and adds air of excitement to any show.  And, finally, sixth, there were whiskey shots involved.  Only a handful of times have I deviated from lite beer while recording, and the results have been mixed at best.  There is a lot of trepidation when going back and editing a show -- in this case about half of the raw material was cut strictly for time reasons -- when you don't remember what the heck you talked about in the first place.

I could go on for a few more paragraphs about what a fantastic musician and all-around great guy Cootie Crabtree is, but his body of work, which includes collaborations with and guest appearances by nearly the entire central Indiana roots/folk/Americana scene more than speaks for itself -- a favor he generously attempts to return in this interview by giving props to everyone in the local music scene and one point or another -- thus, giving me by far the longest set of show notes I've ever had to put together.  A dynamic songwriter, distinct vocalist, born showman, and gifted player, you can be guaranteed an evening of great music and fun any time you see his name on a bill.

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