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Jan 17, 2011

Thoroughly confused by the numbering scheme of the episodes yet? Okay, it's about to get more confusing. This episode marks the second part of our two-part foray into the Frankfort Music Scene. That may sound like a joke, but they really do have some excellent players in that town, as you can hear. I only mention this because it references an episode featuring Brian Pitzer (#086), which won't be released for another three or four days due to some logistical problems, and I didn't want anybody thinking they might have missed one in there somewhere. Once we get that done, we only need Outer Sanctum to release their new CD so we can put out Show #081 and everything will be back to abnormal.

While the downturn in the economy has caused us to lose no less than a dozen of my favorite live music venues here in Indianapolis, it has on the other hand, created some interesting opportunities for great players to become a little more serious about their art. Jason Wells is an excellent example of this, having turned the loss of a job and stable income into an opportunity to increase his musical production and live performances, as well as to branch into commercial recording as well, where his laid back, bluesy, percussive style of playing is finding a whole new group of fans, and a new home in very unlikely places. This just goes to show you that, no matter how bad things get, good music will survive.

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