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Nov 14, 2010

Are you starting to get confused at the way the show numbers are completely jumping around out of sequence with no logical reason behind them? Then you're going to love this week's episode. Gregg Jones, Mia Kileen, and I (collectively known as "representatives of Vestiges of Ecstasy" and "host") have this weird tendency to converse in random half-thoughts and go off on tangents ... a lot. I don't know why, and I only seem to do this with these two. Jokingly, I said I was going to publish my editing notes as a diagram showing which cues fit with which cues and where different threads of conversation picked up, dropped off for twenty minutes, then got picked up again after three right turns, two tunnels, and a corkscrew loop. Unfortunately, about halfway through the third pass at editing (and trimming out 35 minutes to bring the show in at less than an hour), I completely lost track of the logical flow of the interview and just gave up writing it down. For those of you who are really interested in hearing the organic spirit of the original audio, I suggest that, while listening to this episode, you get up every two minutes and thirty five seconds, slide the track position to another random point in the show (forward or backwards, doesn't matter), drink a beer, then go sit back down. You'll quickly fall into the spirit of things.

Actually, though, it was a lot of fun. I've known Gregg and Mia for years now. Gregg was one of the first guests on the show (sight unseen since Episode #001 didn't come out until two weeks after his episode was recorded). Mia is one of those people I've talked to both at shows and online quite a bit (and, rumor has it, she is soon to take over guest hosting duties here at Indy In-Tune in the near future). The chance to get to talk to both of them at the same time, however, is rare indeed -- and usually only done hastily between sets at a show or screaming at each other to be heard over another band. As one of the finest rock guitarists and one of the best female vocalists in town, the combination of the two, under any moniker or rhythm section, is unmistakable, and with each new release the collaboration, musicality, and production get ramped up just a little -- making the prospect of a new Vestiges of Ecstasy album next year an exciting one, so be sure to keep your ears open.

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