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Sep 26, 2010

What a difference a year makes. Just 12 short months ago, Dead Man’s Grill was an excellent, if undistinguished, hard rock band battling against a couple dozen of their peers in a battle of the bands competition on Indy’s west side. When they last appeared on this show, they were touting their first EP, produced by Adam White at the Pop Machine, which, at the time anyway, I credited as being a cut above most of their peers. Shortly thereafter they went on to win that Battle of the Bands, which opened quite a few doors to regional playing, high-profile opening slots with established national acts, and a refined sound that, as I witness the night this interview was recorded, continues to win new fans over every time they play.

Their latest CD, Hotter than Sin, takes some of the tracks from their earlier EP and, with the assistance of some outside listeners and the benefit of a little more studio time, kicks everything up to the next level. What I thought was great listen the first time around, is now amped up to 11 with the addition of new harmonies and subtle vocal effects that are perfectly engineered so as not to overpower the core of the music. As a result, DMG’s is elevated from great music you can jam out with, to a more sophisticated, immersive experience that bears close listening. With the band already getting some modest national attention, along with having their music appear on the soundtrack to an upcoming film, frankly, I can't wait to see what the next year brings for these guys.

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