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Aug 14, 2016

I've always said that it is both my greatest hope and greatest fear that SOMEBODY I know in the local music scene would get "the big break" and leave town for bigger and better things.  Well, it took ten years, but Josh Kaufman pretty much did that in spades.  I have to say though, all things considered, having him on the show felt a whole like like any other show.  Maybe this is just the way celebrity works, or maybe it's just a reflection of who Josh is, but for the most part this interview felt like every other interview we've done, albeit with several more interesting areas of conversation to cover.

Josh, obviously known to most people in this country as "that guy who won that TV contest thing" was, and is, a treasure of our local music scene.  Over the years I've seen him play to two people at Castleton Grill as part of their Sunday night series. I've seen him play Battle of Birdy's with The New Etiquette to a crowd of people who mostly stood slack-jawed mumbling, "Who is this guy? Why have we never heard of him before?" And, of course I've seen him on national TV singing at the Indy 500 for a few million people. Funny enough, his energy and effort is the same in all three cases, and I really don't think he notices the difference.  After hearing this interview, I think you'll agree with me.

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