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Jan 21, 2015

I really need to rethink this "Busiest year Ever" concept.  It's only January and I've pretty much scheduled out more podcasts this year that I performed in the last two years combined ... and this only goes to the end of February.  Obviously it's not so much doing the live shows and recording.  That's the best part.  It's the 2-3 hours of editing afterwards, when everybody's gone home that will slowly drive you insane.  Oh, and just try to come up with great new adjectives to describe your favorite bands after you've written 175 podcast introductions ... to say nothing of just coming off a year of 365 consecutive blog posts (okay, albeit, with a little bit of cheating).  Honestly, I don't know how those "serious journalists" are able to do this kind of thing on a regular basis.  And some of them are even funny!

Kiefer Jones and David Lee first wowed us about a year ago when they dropped by and, owing to the fact that they did not have much recorded material, did a quick live set for us in Studio B.  This time around they are touting a recently-recorded live set from Birdy's, some cool new merchandise, and a brilliantly run Kickstarter campaign to finance a trip to California (with a purpose) to record their next EP.  It's always a treat to catch up with these guys and to hear some of the great new stuff they're working on.  Hopefully we'll get a couple more chances before they become too famous for Indy In-Tune.

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