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Oct 28, 2012

I suppose its fair to say that this is another of those interviews I've been waiting almost seven years to do.  Back when I first started Indy In-Tune, Katie Trotta was a name on just about every singer/songwriters lips.  It seemed like whenever the subjects of "Who do you like around town?" and "You know who you should get on your show?" came up, Katie was on that short list.  Suffice to say, that didn't happen.  Katie was on the fast track out of town and on to bigger and better things -- first to Berkley, then to Austin, and finally to Nashville.  What?  Our local music scene not good enough for her?  Sure, it's sort of bittersweet when we lose talent like that, but on the other hand, wouldn't it be great if one of our local heroes broke the big time?

Recorded in the midst of her Kickstarter fundraiser, this long-awaited interview -- conducted remotely via Skype from the palatial Trotta estates in Nashville, TN -- we get a glimpse into music scenes outside of our own, and a candid look into Katie's life, songwriting process, and some of the trials and triumphs of self-funding a major recording project in a town rife with recording projects.  We look forward to meeting up with Katie again when she returns to Indy early next year for her CD release party.  Maybe we'll get to do something special for that.

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