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Aug 8, 2009

Indy In-Tune is about to release it's fiftieth episode.  Fifty!  Though you're not supposed to make a big deal about these things by doing the obligatory clip show or whatever, I can't help but take just a little breather here.  Fifty!  That's That's 3000 minutes of material; 139 different musicians; 181 songs; 2.4 Gigabytes of MP3 goodness; and I don't even want to begin to think how many hours of editing.

On the other end of the spectrum, Crossroad Resonances is about to release it's fifth episode.  Having been there, let me tell you that #5 is a lot harder than #50 to get out.  By the fifth episode, most podcasters are just coming out of the learning curve and self-conscious criticism phase and entering into the a malaise that I generally refer to simply as: "Is anybody listening to this?"

It seemed only natural that, seeing as how we were both at the same bar with a bunch of recording equipment, some musician friends, a bunch of beers, and time to kill, that we try to energize both our respective shows by doing a "Crossover Cast."  This is the end result -- a show that is a bit more talky than Crossroad Resonances; contains a bit more variety than Indy In-Tune; and is hopefully still fun to listen to for you guys.  If response is good, we hope to do a couple more of these during the year (most-likely when we've got something we need to cross-promote or when we happen to bump into each other at a show or something). 

In honor of Indy In-Tune's 50th episode, many of the tracks on this show feature former Indy In-Tune guests in something of a "Where are they now?" format, as well as appearances by some artists that will likely be featured on both Indy In-Tune and Crossroad Resonances in the near future.

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