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Oct 25, 2009

Our series of five shows from Kammy's Kause 2009 continues this week with a visit from Landon Keller.  This one was a bit of a surprise.  I had not actually heard of Landon before seeing the schedule for this year's show ... to say nothing of his music.  I had checked around with some of the people behind the scenes, and most described him as, "Oh, some guy.  We saw his show at such-in-such a place.  Good stuff, and he was really super cool, so we invited him to come out and play."    

Okay, not that there are ever any bad bands on the Kammy's Kause schedule, but Landon and band are a heck of a lot more than advertised.  About three bars into his first number, it was pretty obvious they had chops, and while the smooth grove style sounds simple, it takes a degree of precision and competence that only a few bands can pull off with the consistency and confidence that these guys do.  Landon's show dates (that we could find) are a bit sparse at the moment, but with one album down and another coming in the next few months, you still have plenty to sing along with.   

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