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Nov 24, 2006

Another nutty week here at the Indianapolis Podcasters' Guild. Spent so much time recording new shows and setting up future interviews, that I haven't had much time to actually publish the backlog of interviews I have already done. To that end, apologies to Vilafishburn, who have been waiting patiently for six months now for their turn to be up, but who unfortunately have been pushed back two shows due to hard release constraints with both ESW and Great Scott!. Honestly, I love Vilafishburn, and can't wait to share their music and words with you guys, but there just aren't enough hours in the days this week.

This show, as it was intended to originally be released at Show #11, also features a slightly different format from past shows. Most notably, the shows are going to be a bit shorter. Honestly, this one would have been , except that ESW�s songs, as you will hear, are a bit longer than the average 4-minute single. The rest of this first batch of changes is somewhat subtle, and hopefully none of you are so set in your ways that they do not completely disrupt your lives. Look for a few more tweaks and shifts to the format over the next several episodes.

Links referenced in the show:

  • ESW can be found here:  Web Site / MySpace.
  • Their new CD is out this week and can be purchased from their website, Indie 500 Records, and soon from iTunes.
  • Or you can pick one up at the CD release party this coming Friday at Locals Only
  • Next week's guest will be Great Scott (Web Site / MySpace). Their CD is also available this week at their shows.
  • There is a quick promo for the Podcast Pickle. A great directory where you fill find information about this and many other great podcasts like it.
  • And finally, if you are doing any kind of audio work, music, podcast, or other recording, you need to check out The Levelator. It has personally saved me hours of painful editing work.